NASA – A Human Adventure

15 March to 9 October 2019

NASA – A Human Adventure follows the extraordinary achievement of humankind’s journey into space.

The adventure begins with the early dreamers who ignited a passion for travel to the stars, and moves on to the brilliant pioneers who took the first brave steps to make trips into space a reality.

Marvel at the brave astronauts who risked their lives on dangerous missions, as the adventure explores the endurance and tenacity of those with a dream to make human space flight possible.  

NASA – A Human Adventure is the most comprehensive and extensive touring space flight exhibition in the world. Featuring an extraordinary collection of more than 200 historically significant artefacts from the United States and Soviet Union era space programs. The objects on display include original space flown objects, high fidelity replicas and scale models.

Across two floors of Queensland Museum


Meet the dreamers, the first geniuses to document their great visions about exploring space. Writers, artists and futurists who created breath-taking stories heralding a life in space for all humanity with astounding accuracy. The artistry depicting space in such an inspiring and intriguing way that it sparked broad public interest in space travel.

Go Fever

Enter the Space Race. In the late 1950s, scientists and politicians in the Soviet Union and the United States competed fiercely to perform firsts in space: to launch the first satellite and send the first human beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. The confrontation between these superpowers, and the 1957 launch of Sputnik, the first man-made object to orbit the earth, resulted in what we now know as the Space Race, an extraordinary timeline of consecutive one-upmanship that produced some of history’s greatest achievements.


The Pioneers gallery is dedicated to the rocket scientists and engineers who made the ambitious dreams of space travel a reality. Their remarkable technological achievements are truly awe-inspiring. This gallery shows the swift evolution of rockets: from the first German V-2 all the way to the most powerful launcher ever successfully used, the Saturn V. Take a closer look at real rocket engines and a large scale model of Saturn V moon rocket.


Ever wondered what it is like to be on a space mission? Space is a hostile environment and space travel requires a great deal of physical and mental endurance, and ingenuity. Surviving in space also requires specialist equipment and skills. The Endurance gallery gives you the opportunity to see high-tech equipment and clothing used and worn by astronauts close up. It also includes special foods eaten on space missions. One of the highlights you will see is the most challenging space mission to date, the Moon landing.


As the space missions became more daring and lasted longer, new ideas and technologies that required hard-core innovation were required. From the pioneering equipment and space crafts used in the first space flights to complex advanced assemblies like the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Discover the missions; Mercury, the first American spacecraft to carry humans; Gemini, that enabled practicing the advanced manoeuvers required for the Moon landings; and Apollo, that carried the first humans to the Moon and back.

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